A downloadable game for Windows

ShipQuest is the work of 2 peoples final thesis, since it isn't done yet we will leave the details out about it for now.

ShipQuest is the game where you test you skill of quest-skills to the max, join in this doomed ship voyage to "salvation" and see if manage to survive the journey.
It is quite an arcade type of game since there's no ending, just play until you get tired of it, normally once or twice, and some minor bugs might be prevalent but hopefully there enough here to enjoy a playthrough or two.

In the main menu press F2 for the unfinished secret options menu.

ShipQuest is best played with an xbox-360 controller, but keyboard works fine as well.

Any feedback is allways welcome, so send your suggestions, feedback, or with any issues regarding the game at:

Email: whampi.mocke@gmail.com


this isn't really finished nor it will ever be(ATM), it is more of a test prototype for something else, we have gotten all the data we needed from this prototype but we thought it might be of some help for others , as inspiration or as to see what doesn't work in this type of games, sorry for the trouble, enjoy the "game".

Install instructions

-download the game file

-unzip it to a folder of your choice

-run shipquest.exe

you will need xna 4.0 redist if you don't have it installed allready, get it from here



ShipQuest.rar 7 MB